Hailey Lott is of the firm belief that we create from our minds. Inspired by her own success meditating, Hailey knows that if she can feel this good – you can too.

Self Love Scholar, Co-Host of The Mind Games Podcast, Self Love Sound Healer, Peak Performance Meditation Specialist, functional mobility yoga instructor, vibe creator, native Californian, card-carrying member of the Good Vibe Tribe, life enthusiast, and big ‘ole bundle of joy: Hailey Lott’s the real deal.

She’s radiant, magnetic, and has that certain can’t put your finger on it angelic quality. But to make the assumption Hailey woke up like this would do a gross disservice to how much energy Hailey pours into activating her highest, most vibrant self every moment of each day.

Hailey manifests the way artists paint. As a vibe creator, she dips her paintbrush into an emotional palette and – bippity boppity boop! – colorful, beautiful manifestations of her visions unfold.

Emotional artistry isn’t a skill set reserved for the spiritual elite: it’s one you can master too

Through meditation, movement, visualization, sound healing, shadow work, and intention setting, Hailey will help you to expand your mindset to make the most of this human experience. She’s here to help women LOVE themselves from the inside out (...and, knowing her, she’s probably shedding a happy tear just thinking about it).