Hamid left his native land Iran at an early age to become a nomad of the world. Exposing himself to many different countries, cultures, languages, and traditions, he settled into Paris in 1985 to study philosophy under Jacques Derrida the French philosopher.

These early beginnings ignited a passionate philosophical and spiritual journey. Hamid has focused on gaining wisdom and insight through a varied educational process.

Drawn to Buddhist meditation and philosophy in the early 1990’s Hamid encountered Japanese Zen Master Ryotan Tokuda in 1997, was ordained as a monk at Ei Tai-Ji Monastery in the South of France in 2000 and, in 2011, was authorized by his master to pass on the teachings he had received.

Expanding his educational journey, Hamid completed his School of Practitioners – Psychotherapy (École des Praticiens de la Psychothérapie) in Nice, France in 2005.

Realising that acquiring knowledge and understanding was only part of the equation, Hamid has continued his personal studies and practice while sharing his experience by conducting lectures, meditation retreats, and personal therapy sessions.

Hamid’s lectures draw not only from personal experience but his combined interest in Eastern and Western meditative traditions.

Besides facilitating silent mediation retreats in Europe and Asia Hamid also provides personal and professional counseling to those looking for additional support. He understands that this type of relationship can only provide true benefit if he gives participants a safe empathetic place to be heard and supported.