Johanna was born and raised in South Africa. She moved to Dubai in 2006 to work in Retail operations. Soon enough she found herself married to a Swede and mother to three beautiful children. She has first hand experience with many of the big challenges life can throw at you. From adopting her oldest child and all the challenges that go with that to guiding a child and family through Leukaemia to experiencing death in family and becoming whole again. She is open about her journey and uses the approach of everything is learning. She takes her learning and applies it to help motivate and guide clients on their own journeys.

Johanna is the perfect partner if you are ready for change. She is a powerful coach and creates a deep connection with her clients. She draws out every grain of creative genius in you and then coaches you through using it to change your life and your business. She is honest, thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile for every one of her clients. With her background in retail operations she has a keen eye for detail and often sees things you do not see.

Her coaching requires you to be vulnerable and brave and to work hard while you are creating a life changing new relationship with yourself and those around you. She is passionate about building resilience and showing you just how resourceful you truly are.

She is focused on unlocking your full potential. It is a process that creates awareness, explores your inner being, and creates a fun and insightful journey of transformational change. It is about taking charge of where your life is going and then consciously choosing the direction. Johanna partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.


  • Celine Daoud


    Johanna’s peaceful energy and vast range of skills created a space of complete tolerance towards oneself and others. The advice and techniques she gave to guide us as parents while talking to our children about racism were priceless. I very much look forward to attending more sessions lead by Johanna. I left the meeting equipped with practical tools, different techniques and the confidence needed to be open to what I would have previously considered uncomfortable conversations.

  • Dina Abboud


    Johanna created a safe space for me to share my experience, to accept who I am as a mother and mostly to love myself no matter where I am in my journey. Loved it and can’t wait to attend the next one!