I am a passionate Creative Life & Leadership Coach and Poet living in Switzerland with my partner, 3 kitties and two bunnies. I help my in-nature and online clients to work through blocks, to combat anxiety and to connect to their natural creativity, passion and full expression. It is a dream job quite honestly!

As well as my private coaching practice, I also lead experiential creative leadership workshops both in person and online. As a direct result of these workshops participants often report feeling more deeply connected to themselves and also mention that they experience increased creative energy and productivity and a newfound sense of self-expression.

A recent graduate of the CTI Leadership program, I have also been through my own transformative inner process and I am able to draw on this experience in order to empower my clients so that they may bring their personal and professional dreams to fruition.

My Life Purpose is : I am the fiery heart that creates freedom.
My Core Values are : Passion, Creativity, Freedom, Nature, Love and Self-Expression
6 people who I would like to go to dinner with would be : Elizabeth Gilbert, Paolo Coelho, Romesh Ranganathan, Mary Oliver, and Bob Marley

Coaching aside, I have a wide range of hobbies. I create poetry on a daily basis, write a week day poetry blog and also perform my poetry live on Facebook, on Instagram and at live events. I run a Facebook group for local writers called Basel Poets and I also jog and hike most days, sing in a gospel choir and am currently learning to play the guitar. In addition, I love learning languages, European cinema, travelling and all things Italian.

What I love the most about my lifestyle is that I get to use my strong intuition, my abundant creativity and my open heart in service of others. I have high emotional intelligence and receptivity and this innate awareness helps me to make my clients feel seen, heard and appreciated. Being a Creative Leadership Coach makes me feel ridiculously happy and grateful.